Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I have moved within Montreal so I have been swamped and I haven't had the time to post.

Did I buy something? Nope.

I still believe that housing in Canada is in a huge bubble, and also for non financial reasons, I am still renting.

I really enjoy posting on this blog and I welcome all feedback, both positive and negative.


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BBC said...


I still check your blog once a week....glad you are back in action! We are in the process of listing our house (labour day week) but intend on renting for the meantime. Vancouver is in a major bubble but I feel the pace is easing. Do you think we will follow the same pattern as the 2008crash with regards to real estate? Seems like feds are giving warning to end stimulus...do you think this is a warning to raise intrest rates? Feds are setting us up to start paying off the deficit too...HST!

We are try to time our re-entry into the real estate market(like everyone else), what are your thoughts?